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Smart Home Security

Smart camera's that see and know more

Hikvision has a huge line-up of camera systems specially designed for the many types of camera surveillance. Day and night, extremely cold or hot, every room or public, for every system there is a wide range of security products.

hikvision terminalcontrolTerminal face recognition

A special range of camera systems for fast face recognition in, for example, terminals, receptions, hotel lobby, factories. Places where many people pass at the same time can easily being monitor this Hikvision series.

Camera systems with true artificial intelligence

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has launched its new DeepinView series of IP cameras. The first ‘Deep Learning’ series cameras was launched last year, and is already advancing technology to further improve the cameras. The Series enjoys higher accuracy, even sharper, higher resolution picture capture and a new Queue Management functions, among other functions.

The facial recognition cameras provide face tracking and face picture grading as well as face detection and face capture. This means they can provide a better captured picture, with better angle, better quality and a higher matching score. This comes in very useful for target recognition in perimeter detection and city solutions.The Series includes Face Capture, Flow Analysis and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) capabilities.


Flow analysis allows the camera to track how people move through an area, which comes in handy when managing queues. Alerts can be set for the operator when a queue length gets beyond a certain number of people, so that extra cash registers can be opened in a retail environment, for example. This data can also be useful when analysed to give insights into where people are congregating in an area and how they are getting there. This gives valuable information for designing interiors in all kinds of industries.

The enhanced ANPR camera can now identify first whether an object is a car or something else (a person or a bush, for example). Once this identification is made, then it can go on to recognising the number plate and identifying it. This process means that the system is not wasting resources applying number plate recognition algorithms to something that’s not a vehicle. The camera also supports driving direction, alerts when there’s no license plate at all and the ability to capture small license plates, such as on a motorbike. The ANPR camera will be released in Q4.

Hikvision unveils the next level of surveillance - DarkFighterX

hikvisionnightCamera systems that provide the same picture in the deepest part of the night as in bright daylight.

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has created the next level of night surveillance with the latest upgrade of its DarkFighter technology – the DarkFighterX series. The technology can provide colourful, sharp images right down to the lowest light levels – in fact to 0.001 lux.

This series takes colour to the max by taking inspiration from the way the human eye works. Eyes use different cells to collect colour and brightness information, which the brain then merges. The DarkFighterX cameras take information from an IR sensor (for brightness) and information from a visible light sensor (for colour) and combines them to provide the best of both worlds – one bright full-colour image.

Traditional cameras could either provide bright images that were blurry, or images in monochrome. The new technology seamlessly melds the two, so neither will be an issue for image quality again.

“It’s a fact that 70% of crimes happen at night, but with DarkFighterX, that’s no problem”, says Peter Guan, Hikvision’s Channel Sales Director. “Faces are sharper and easier to recognise and the surroundings much clearer to see, even in the lowest light. All of this makes images much more valuable for evidence collecting and case solving.”

The DarkFighterX series includes a PTZ and bullet camera. Both come with optical defog, 25X optical zoom, 2MP resolution and smart detection. They also boast the new H.265+ codec and are weatherproof to IP66 standard.

They are at the cutting edge of security technology and are particularly useful in applications that require 24h full-colour images, like cities - streets, squares and parks; outdoors - rivers and forests; and transportation – railways and ports.